San Francisco walking tours exploring the city’s most famous hills, historic neighborhoods, parks, and labyrinthine alleyways. Gain an insider’s perspective on the city’s storied history, landscape, architecture, and unique, cosmopolitan culture. A true San Francisco experience!

Home of the original “Classic San Francisco” tour, which Karen Rubin of The Island Now (Long Island, NY) wrote: “brings you to places you might not have thought to go – points out structures that you wouldn’t have appreciated, brings you to ‘streets’ . . . quite literally hidden . . . [The] itinerary is brilliantly laid out logistically.

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Your guide, Hudson, is a five-star guide who also researches and publishes articles about San Francisco’s history. He is the historian of the Nob Hill Association–the oldest neighborhood association in SF–and serves on the Publications Committee of the San Francisco Historical Society.

Tours are not currently being offered, but if you have questions you can reach out to Hudson directly at hdsnbll [at] gmail [dot] com.

See TESTIMONIALS for client input.

San Francisco Walking Tours - Fern Hill Tours - Panorama

“Where is Fern Hill? I don’t see it on my map.”

Within The Annals of San Francisco–the first history book about San Francisco published in 1855–Fern Hill was the name on the map for Nob Hill’s original neighborhood. With the population explosion surrounding the California Gold Rush of 1849, not only did the “instant city” of San Francisco expand into and over the water, but also up hill to the west.

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