Highlight of The Year for me, a 30 year San Francisco resident: Historian and scholar Hudson answered questions and defined . . . neighborhoods we visited with as much color and grit as the early natives and settlers of this great city must have had. Historically it was fascinating . . . only [adding] to the reason why I love this part of the world so much.” – David B., Oakland, Calif., on TripAdvisor

“Right on time and made my wife, daughter and I feel like we were meeting up with an old friend. He was a passionate historian, super knowledgeable of the city . . . Not only did we explore unique places, paths and sites, we saw views of the city that only an insider would know about.” – tjor2013, Glenview, Ill., on TripAdvisor

“a font of knowledge and good humoured. . . . Hudson is a star.” – BradB777, Sydney, Australia, on TripAdvisor

[O]pened our eyes to the heart and secrets of San Francisco . . . shared his own love of SF history with us. His stories and explanations were fascinating. . . . The experience not only opened up SF for us but put a positive spin on our whole visit to this city.” – Travel_addict13_10, Australia, on TripAdvisor


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“Friendly, welcoming . . . extremely passionate about his city. We felt like old friends by the time the walk was over. Enjoyable and informative experience.” – Pi B., Jamaica, N. Y., on Yelp

“Incredibly knowledgeable . . . he told us things in really interesting and fun ways. He also made lots of helpful suggestions about restaurants and things to do. . . . Hudson made some simple suggestions about transportation that ended up saving us a lot of time and hassle.” – Tom Alma_MI, Alma, Mich., on TripAdvisor

“. . . a totally remarkable young man with a vast knowledge of facts, both known & little known. . . . provided a wide angle view of where we were but when questioned could pull out a depth of factoids that personalized the tour & made it particularly memorable.” – HRH T, Cape Coral, Fla., on TripAdvisor

“[Hudson] was extremely knowledgeable. An experience not to be forgotten and not to be missed. Visited many parts of the city, got great tips on where to return on our own.” – ceillee, New York City, on TripAdvisor

“was phenomenal!! . . . Be prepared to have fun and discover spots one would never find on any other tour.” – Jean M, Bloomington, Minn., on TripAdvisor

“truly fantastic” – Leajv, Paris, France, on TripAdvisor

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