Cemeteries of Old San Francisco: Where’d Ye Go?

Did you know that City Hall and the main branch of the Public Library sit on land once a cemetery? Perhaps those were zombies you saw last time you were dropped at Market and 8th streets at 4 a.m.

Yerba Buena Cemetery, 1851

Also, if you’re going to the Western Addition, Laurel Heights or Richmond District tonight, you may wanna bring some wolfsbane and garlic, just sayin…

Cemetery detail from 1912 SF map for Panama-Pacific Int’l Exposition

On this Halloween, I treat you to a few links:

A succinct history of cemeteries in SF

A handy timeline of cemetery action in SF

Another timeline & photo, etc.

Chinese Burial in SF, 1892 (Laurel Hill Cemetery?)

2 thoughts on “Cemeteries of Old San Francisco: Where’d Ye Go?

  1. If you open Google Earth and dial the view back to 1938, you can see the Laurel Hill and Calvary Cemeteries still there. The Masonic and Odd Fellows Cemetereis are covered with new houses on the land. The Lone Mountain Cemetery land has the University of San Francisco built fresh and right in the center of it.

  2. thanks for the comment. there’s also this site, which may very well be fed from Google Earth as well, not sure: http://www.oldsf.org/#

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