First Full Run


I’m currently hard at work plotting the route for the inaugural Fern Hill Walking Tour, traversing the Nob Hill, Chinatown & North Beach neighborhoods of San Francisco.

On this particular tour, one will receive a crash history course surrounding the birth of San Francisco, see the location of the first tent pupped by a European settler, see & hear tales about the first mansions on Nob Hill, witness scorch marks from the 1906 earthquake & fires… In addition to century old history, one will see locations of numerous pop culture & literary sites, like where Steve McQueen’s character Bullitt lived, various sites written into Dashiell Hammett’s fiction, where the Grateful Dead pieced together their masterpiece album “Anthem of the Sun,” where Miles Davis played at a small nightclub, where poet Allen Ginsburg wrote “Howl,” the dilapidated mansion of 70’s punk rock, Mabuhay Gardens…  One will see ALL OF THIS & MORE on a leisurely (no serious uphill climbs) evening stroll.

Sights are currently set to walk the inaugural route on Saturday, August 18, from approx. 6-9PM (this includes a dinner break). If that date works for you, & you wish to join, please email me, or just leave a comment with your info. I cannot really take on anymore than 10 folks, so sign up early! Information on where to meet will be sent to you.

Lastly, THANK YOU to everyone who has encouraged this endeavor thus far, especially my wife, Hannah, who has gracefully endured many sudden spiels of historical epiphanies.

I would also like to specifically thank Chris Palmatier for taking the rad photo on display as background image here & I hope he doesnt mind my using it! It was taken on the roof the evening I brewed the Infinite Door.

Hope to see you soon.

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